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New Application of Pronal Water Storage Bag in 2019

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New Application of Pronal Water Storage Bag in 2019


1.      Pronal储水囊在近几年的农业等运用中的越来越普遍了。主要还得益于其自身的特点,Pronal储水囊耐老化,抗氧化,耐折叠,运用于储存和运输食品级液体,农业抗旱,桥墩预压工程等范围。


2.      Pronal储水囊是农业消费中的好帮手,设备民主,工艺先进,主要用于盛水,商品规格爲:从1—15吨或可按客户要求加工定做。

3.      Pronal橡胶储水囊的特点是在运保送液体材料方面起着重要的作用,特别适用于丘陵、山区等地运输。

4.      Pronal橡胶储水囊可量车定做合适用于各种类型的车型,它替代了以往繁重、易生锈、寿命短的铁皮桶,其用料是2层尼龙橡胶布,在其运输途中不会由于路面不好而碰伤车身,延伸车的寿命。

5.      Pronal储水囊在运用时不会因时节的变化而无法正常运用,其不用时可折叠存放,添加空间占用量。它还具有良好的密封性和耐腐蚀功用,爲抗腐、防冻、抗氧化、抗紫外线的强化材质,不受海水、化学品、药剂、油渍、酸碱及水生物的腐蚀:无污染、不破坏环境,是最佳的全方位环保商品。

6.      Pronal water storage bags have become more and more popular in agriculture and other applications in recent years. It also benefits from its own characteristics, such as aging resistance, anti-oxidation, folding resistance, application in storage and transportation of food-grade liquids, agricultural drought resistance, pier preloading engineering and so on.

7.      Pronal water storage bag is a good assistant in agricultural consumption. It is democratic in equipment and advanced in technology. It is mainly used for filling water. The commodity specifications are as follows: from 1 ton to 15 tons or can be processed according to customer's requirements.

8.      Pronal rubber water storage bags play an important role in transporting and delivering liquid materials, especially in Hilly and mountainous areas.

9.      Pronal Rubber Water Bag Measurable Vehicle is customized and suitable for various types of vehicles. It replaces the heavy, rusty and short-lived tin barrel. Its material is 2-layer nylon rubber cloth, which will not damage the body due to bad road surface during transportation and extend the life of the vehicle.

10.    Pronal water storage bags can not be used normally because of the change of time. When they are not used, they can be folded and stored to add space occupancy. It also has good sealing and corrosion resistance. It is an anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet reinforced material. It is not corroded by seawater, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil stains, acids and alkalis and aquatic organisms. It is pollution-free and does not damage the environment. It is the best all-round environmental protection commodity.

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